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Zone Perfect


Brand Story

Sure, we all try to eat healthy. We start the day with the best of intentions, but add in hectic schedules and tempting treats and suddenly we find ourselves reaching for whatever we can to satisfy us in the moment.

We’ve all been there.

Good nutrition doesn’t mean perfection, it means balance. It’s choosing options that keep you in your zone. A place that is uniquely and personally yours with the right balance of protein, nutrients and flavors.

Our team of nutritional experts including Doctors, Dieticians and Wellness Specialists go to work every day to develop those balanced solutions so you don’t have to choose between nutrition and taste. It could be a smart start to your morning, energy and focus to get you through the afternoon meeting or a deliciously satisfying treat at the end of a long day. We bring you great-tasting, nutritionally rich products that will give you the benefits you need to keep you in your zone.

Brand Mission Statement

Nutrition you can trust. Taste you will love.

Special History

ZonePerfect was co-founded in 1996 by Dr. Barry Sears as part of the Zone Diet. The original bars were formulated to conform to the 40/30/30 carbohydrate, protein, and dietary fat ratio. Abbott Nutrition acquired ZonePerfect in 2003 and now focuses exclusively on creating protein bars with an emphasis on nutrition and great taste.

Specific Details About US Success

  • Launched seasonal bars yearly
  • Introduced Revitalize
  • Reformulated Kidz Yellow Cupcake to include less than 10 g of sugar
  • Launched High Protein

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