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Controlled Labs

Controlled Labs started in 2005 as a sports nutrition company. The first products were White Flood pre-workout and Blue Up testosterone booster, followed closely by Green Bulge creatine volumizer.

The first big success of the company came with the launch of White Flood and Orange TRIad.White Flood is Controlled Labs tried and true pre-workout that will rev you up for lifting and cardio like none other. The pre-workout that started it all! Orange TRIad is a multivitamin, combining the most proven and effective vitamins, minerals and nutrients for supporting optimal digestion, immune systems and joint health into one dietary supplement. Controlled Labs produces amazing formulas at prices customers can afford, all the while maintaining strict quality control.

Top 5 Selling Products:

  • Orange TRIad
  • Orange Oximega Fish Oil
  • Purple Wraath
  • White Flash
  • Orange Brainwash

Top USA retail channels:

  • vitamin shoppe
  • iherb