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In early 2017, Ketōnd Nutrition set out to provide a transparent, exogenous ketone / BHB salt supplement at a fraction of the price of other brands. At that time, the biggest players in the Ketone space were multi-level marketing companies selling their products under a "proprietary blend" for $5 - $7 per serving. Ketōnd's ingredients aren't hidden behind some "proprietary blend" which ultimately hides the true dosage of BHB / Ketones. Ketōnd's label is 100% transparent. They list what is in their product and the exact amounts of what's in there. What you see is what you get. Each serving is powered by 11.7 grams of goBHB™, a ketone fuel source that delivers carbohydrate-free fuel for your mind & body.

Ketōnd's supplements are for anyone looking to manage their weight, maximize cognition, or simply feel more energetic in a low carbohydrate environment. Their flagship product is Advanced Ketone Blend, available is six delicious flavors: Tiger's Blood, Citrus Mango, Caramel Macchiato, Grape, Strawberry Daiquiri, and Blue Raspberry.

Ketōnd Nutrition also offers a line called Ketōstax, which are meant to be "stacked" or combined with the Ketōnd Advanced Ketone blend, in order to offer a customized product that will help each consumer reach their individual goals.

Ketōstax Metabolic Accelerator contains the ingredients to give your body the tools it needs to help you lose weight and provide a crash-free energy boost. They use 8 powerful fat-burning ingredients and steer clear of the "trendy" chemicals and stimulants that currently flood the market. This product doesn't cut any corners. When combined with Ketōnd, you get a revolutionary strength and endurance supplement that has been scientifically shown to help you increase muscle strength and tone, improve endurance, reduce fatigue, and train harder with more intensity.

Finally, Ketōnd has also introduced a complete Ketogenic Meal Replacement Shake formulated specifically for people who follower a LCHF or Ketogenic diet. It contains the most premium sources of fat and protein available at the perfect macronutrient ratio of 75% fat, 20% protein, and 5% carbs. Ketōnd's Ketogenic Meal Replacement Shake is available in three flavors: Chocolate Fudge Brownie, Vanilla Creme, and Strawberries and Creme.

What does your brand stand for?

Our stance is simple. Ketōnd Nutrition wants to provide the highest quality supplements with 100% transparency. We will not sacrifice quality to meet any price points.

What are your top selling products?

Our Ketōnd Advanced Ketone Blend is our top selling product, with Tiger's Blood being the most popular flavor. Our Ketōstax Metabolic Accelerator is our second most popular product. Within the "Hardcore" Keto community, the sales of our Ketogenic MRP have skyrocketed due to its unparalleled list of premium ingredients.

What are your top retail channels in the US?

The majority of our sales take place on and We recently launched on and will soon launch on as well.