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A former college football player and world champion bodybuilder with over a decade spent formulating sports nutrition products, Kevin Lawrence put his advanced knowledge of protein nutrition to the ultimate test when faced with the life-shattering dilemma of a critically ill infant son.

Unable to nurse due to his mother’s complications with a C-section birth and subsequent antibiotic treatment, young Khalen began life on commercial infant formula. Roughly 8 weeks later, he developed a severe case of colitis which is especially dangerous for infants. A month later with no lasting improvement, Lawrence, while consulting with MD and biochemist friends, came to the unorthodox conclusion that Khalen might be suffering from an inability to digest the very large intact protein molecules found in infant formulas (and in all protein foods and supplements).

This concept was quite different than the standard medical hypothesis which generally attributes this condition to the source of the protein (milk, egg, soy, etc.) or other ingredients in the formula. After having tried several infant formulas with no success, Kevin designed a hydrolyzed whey formula that became the solution to his son’s condition. After feeding Khalen the hydrolyzed whey formula for just 2 days, he recovered completely! Khalen was fed this new formula daily and the malady did not return.



Protein – likely the most misunderstood nutrient in our diet and the most complex to digest. While most consumers today have become aware of the need for healthy amounts of protein as a part of their daily dietary routine – they don’t realize that gram for gram, different proteins deliver wildly variable nutritional value.

In fact, clinical studies have shown repeatedly that proteins derived from animal collagen and plant sources are inferior to proteins coming from milk, meat, egg and fish. In addition to inferior amino acid content, digestion of collagen and plant proteins is significantly more difficult, and in high volume, can actually distress the lining of the intestinal tract as well – an outcome those already dealing with bowel distress or any type of health issues just don’t need.



The same principles of digestion and protein absorption that healed the founder’s son Khalen apply to all children and adults. Today this same Protein Genius® in the form of high-dh hydrolyzed whey protein that was employed to restore the health of this infant so dramatically decades ago is found in every Power Crunch product. There could be no more personal and proven stamp of approval on a product than this.

But that is just the human side of this story. The body of hard clinical science supporting protein hydrolysate technology is still growing rapidly, and Lawrence continues to revise the Power Crunch products, keeping them at the forefront of super-protein nutrition.


Imagine your body is a city with lots of different buildings used for different purposes. The buildings are made up of different colored bricks. Each building represents a protein molecule and the bricks are amino acids. Your city needs to repair its buildings and build new and different buildings using the bricks from other buildings outside your city. How do you transport the bricks into your city for use? You must disassemble them into single bricks, or preferably, really small units of only 2 or 3 bricks. Nothing larger will work because larger pieces will not fit in the wheelbarrows you have. Once the bricks are delivered, your city can use them to repair or create any type of building desired.

Now think of the buildings in this example as proteins which are simply collections of hundreds of amino acids – the bricks in our example – bound together to form protein molecules–the protein food you eat. Just as the buildings must be broken up into smaller brick units in order to be transported, all protein food must be reduced to single aminos or the smallest protein fragments, with only 2 or 3 amino acids, allowing passage into your blood and throughout your body. This protein reduction process is called hydrolysis and the end product is called a hydrolysate, like the 2-3 brick chunks in our building example.

Hydrolysis is what actually happens after you eat protein in any form. So this is going on after every meal you eat, pretty much all day, every day. Remember this, as it is key to any discussion about protein in your diet. A protein that is not properly hydrolyzed cannot pass through the blood for delivery and use throughout the body.

Consuming hydrolyzed protein is like getting new bricks delivered as the small 2-3 brick units which are instantly ready to make new buildings without all the work, time, resources, damage and uncertainty which accompanies the usual process of tearing buildings apart to get the bricks. Hydrolyzed protein is a whole new paradigm for protein absorption and utilization.

Amazingly, the most recent protein research has shown the advantages of high-dh hydrolysates in health and performance to be significantly more invasive and extensive than founder Kevin Lawrence had ever imagined. Through constant innovation, the Power Crunch line of bars, powders and drinks, with its best-in-class taste and textures, is the pinnacle of smart protein nutrition, earning it the label “Protein Genius.”®