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Ultimate Nutrition

Ultimate Nutrition has long been a major player in the sports nutrition and dietary supplement industry. Founded in 1979, the company has prided itself on manufacturing and distributing quality, affordable, and impactful products to assist individuals of all shapes and sizes in achieving their fitness goals. The company will continue to innovate and adapt to consumer trends and needs, with plans to roll out several new products year after year.

In the late 1970’s and early 1980’s Ultimate Nutrition was among the first companies to have Amino Acid tablets, protein powders, carbohydrate powders, and various types of Fat Burners. By the mid 1990’s Ultimate Nutrition was again on the cutting edge as they were one of the first companies to come out with Whey Protein powder in a bottle.

Unlike many other brands in the space, Ultimate Nutrition manufactures all of their products in-house and own the process. We employ chemists, microbiologists, doctors, engineers and other professionals who collaborate on the raw materials they use and how they source ingredients.

Ultimate Nutrition holds the strictest of GMP certifications year after year by Underwriters Laboratories.

They have consecutively been on GNC Top Performing Products for many years.